October 27, 1987

The latest Catholic theologist lost interest immediately in me because I did not belong to a community and his community!

but Vassula of course you do not belong to them, you belong to Me, I am your Creator and Holy Father, 1 you belong under My Authority

Lord, yes we are under Your Authority but it is organized and there is a system of belonging in one of the Christian Communities, so I was told.

all are the same in My eyes, I have never wanted My Body parted, it is you who have dismembered Me! you have decided upon My Body! you lamed Me. 2

Oh God...

daughter have I not told you to reserve your tears for My Mother? 3

Yes Lord, but You seemed so hurt; I'm only human.

Vassula, this is because we are sharing My Cup, My Cup tastes bitter tell the Holy See that it is I who sends you to them, hear Me, if they ask in which community you belong, tell them that you belong to Me and that you are under My Authority,

Lord, I do not like to argue but can't I tell that I am an orthodox? I am an orthodox.

orthodox! catholics! protestants! you all belong to Me! you are all One in My eyes! I do not make any distinction, so then why fear, ask for My well-beloved Pope John Paul, he will not make any distinction Vassula, tell him this:

"beloved, I the Lord am standing at your door, knocking, will you hear Me calling, will you open the door, if you do I will enter your house and share your meal side by side with you, prove victorious and I will allow you to share My Throne, hear Me, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches

Psalm 23:

I am your Shepherd,
with Me you will lack nothing,
in meadows of green grass I let you lie beloved soul,
to the waters of repose I lead you,
where I revive your soul
by paths of virtue I guide you
for the glory of My Body

although you pass through a gloomy valley,
do not fear, beside you I am to hearten you
I will feed you under the eyes of your persecutors,
I have anointed you and will always fill you;
for I am an abyss of Love with boundless Mercy,
come and live in the middle of My Heart

O Lord, You are my Light and my salvation, I need not fear. I know You will shelter me. I thank You with all my heart, Lord my God, I glorify Your name forever. Your Love for me is so great, pity me and my incompetence.

remain small flower, grow in spirit, sip from My Virtues come let Me always engrave on you My words

Yes Lord, I am happy to be with You.

Love will never abandon you

come, us, we?

Yes, Lord.

1 Editor's note: Although Jesus says to Vassula, He is her Father, one should not confuse the persons of the Holy Trinity. Jesus, as Son of God is our Father as is God the Father and the Holy Spirit. We were created by the Holy Trinity, Jesus Himself stresses His relationship to his disciples when He calls them 'His children', see John 13:33, 21:5.
2 There was one moment of silence and Jesus sounded so bitter and sad. I felt guilty for reminding Him.
3 Although He told me this strictly, I couldn't help noticing that He was as sad as I was.

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